Stormbee Drone with a Faro laser scanner, First laser scanner to fly in USA.  Stormbee and Faro join forces to combine 2 leading technologies, Drones and Laser scanners, to make one of the most advanced tools in the market. "From the sky, from over the water or land, with its design-drones and mobile platforms STORMBEE does not only laser scan places that are hardly reachable, but also performs under the harshest of conditions up to an unbeatable precision of 1mm." We had the opportunity to see this awesome bird flying for the first time in USA. at the Faro technology day in Houston.

Other Technologies demonstrated were the New Faro S series scanners, with on-site registration, Faro Scene software with virtual reality navigation, New Faro Scanplan for fast 2D plan mapping, and the Faro Tracer, a 3D Laser projector.